Theatre Knoxville Downtown – Celebrating our 43rd Season!

319 N. Gay Street, Knoxville, TN • 865 / 544-1999
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small logoAbout Theatre Knoxville Downtown

Our Mission: To encourage the growth, expansion and interest in theatre in the Knoxville metropolitan area and to promote the training of persons therefor.

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Theatre Knoxville Downtown
319 N. Gay Street
Knoxville, TN 37917-7529
865 / 544-1999

2017-2018 Officers & Board of Directors



  • Bonny Pendleton / President
  • Joseph Jaynes / Vice President
  • Windie Wilson / Treasurer

Board Members

  • Sarah Campbell
  • Rebecca Gomez
  • Joe Johnson
  • Courtney Woolard

Frequently Asked Questions

"How do you ...?"


Theatre Knoxville Downtown is committed to including people from the Knoxville and surrounding communities as much as possible in all our operations. This includes seeking directors for our shows. Directors for our productions are generally individuals who have successfully directed previous shows, both at TKD and elsewhere. In recent years, a wide variety of people have sat in the Director’s chair for our productions. In our last 36 shows, we have had 23 different directors. Any individual may submit his or her name as a candidate to direct. The Board will then make a careful attempt to evaluate his or her credentials and suitability for a particular show. Needless to say, a certain subjective element will be part of this process.


Almost everyone who serves on the Board of Directors at TKD is a person who has been involved with TKD for years; however, we have added several new people in the past five years. These were people who have been active at the theater with set building, painting, scut work such as cleaning bathrooms and/or designers of special projects, many of which were paid for out of their own pockets. Since TKD is an all volunteer organization, it falls to the board, along with the help of our exceptional volunteers, to do everything that is required to produce all of our 8-9 shows each year. Basically we have about three weeks off while a show runs, followed by three weeks of hustle to get the next one ready to open.

We don't "elect" board members as such. When a person has been an invaluable volunteer and evidenced a willingness to take on responsibilities such as building sets, rounding up props, managing box office volunteers, designing and printing posters and postcards, creating programs, or managing ticket reservations, the current board discusses their contributions and considers them for the Board membership. (These are just a few of the necessary tasks that board members do.) Prospective Board members should understand that they'll be expected to do their best to help with all phases of operating the theater. Planning, discussing and choosing future shows to stage can be exciting. Vacuuming rugs and cleaning toilets aren't. All are necessary, and the latter occur far more often than the former.

Historical Background

"The longest continuously-operating, non-academic theater in Knoxville"

Originally known as "Knoxville Community Theatre," Theatre Knoxville was chartered in March 1976 as part of a downtown development program. It was felt that a community theatre actively housed in a center city location would act as a catalytic agent for the then-Mayor's urban renewal plan. The theatre performed in a variety of venues for decades before finding a permanent home, offering a wide range of adult and children's plays and workshops. TKD entered its current space at 319 N. Gay Street in 2005.

TKD was founded and has continued to operate as a community volunteer theatre, open to all residents to participate in every aspect of theatrical production: administration, technical and performance. Over the years it has been a training ground for volunteer technicians, designers and actors who have gone on to professional careers as a result of their volunteer experience.

TKD is a 100% volunteer organization, with no paid staff. We depend entirely on the generosity of our patrons, supporters, and benefactors to produce a high-quality theatre experience on a consistent and sustained basis. Thank you for your support!

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