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Doublewide, Texas

By Jones, Hope, and Wooten

Directed by Joseph Johnson

August 2nd - 18th, 2019

Doublewide, Texas is a hilarious, fast-paced comedy about the inhabitants of one of the smallest trailer parks in Texas – four doublewides and a a shed that has a lighted Nativity scene up year round. The residents are thrown into an uproar when they find out that the villainous city manager and the mayor of the nearby town of Tugaloo want to annex their trailer park to put up a maximum security prison. And it’s not as if they don’t already have enough to deal with. Joveeta Crumpler has had it up to here, having been passed over again for a promotion at work. On top of this, she has an ongoing battle to keep her feisty mother, Caprice, out of the local bar and worries that her good-ol’-boy brother, Baby Crumpler, is taking his participation in a womanless beauty pageant way too seriously. Joveeta’s big-hearted best friend, Georgia Dean Rudd, is struggling to keep her diner and finances afloat, but she just can’t curb her impulse to take in every stray cat, possum, and armadillo that wanders by. Then there’s Big Ethel Satterwhite, who’s nobody’s fool. But tough as she is, she’s continually frustrated by her clients at Stairway To Heaven Retirement Village as well as her mule-headed husband, O.C., who shows far more affection for his BarcaLounger than he does for Big Ethel. And all the residents are plagued by Haywood Sloggett, the curmudgeon from across the road, who loathes their “trailer-trash” ways, especially their keeping a life-size illuminated nativity scene up year ’round. But these friends, enemies, and neighbours realize they’ll have to work together to defeat the encroaching annexation if they – and their way of life – have a snowball’s chance to survive being swallowed up by “the big guys.” The rollicking mayhem of this flat-out funny Jones Hope Wooten comedy escalates as the residents attempt to secede from Texas, discover a traitor in their midst, and turn the tables in a surprising and side-splitting finale. So grab your Stetson and come on over to Doublewide, Texas, where life is double the fun, double the joy, and where audiences double over with laughter!

Doublewide, Texas received its world premiere in 2015 at the historic Lyric Theater in Downtown Harrison, Arkansas. Since then the play has been produced widely at high schools, colleges, and community theatres across the North America.


  • Katie Dollar
  • Joyce Schuster
  • Richard Taylor
  • Bonny Pendleton
  • Sarah Campbell
  • Mona Lyden
  • Scott Smith
  • Brad Stapleton
  • Arisa Carero-Spencer