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One Christmas Eve at Evergreen Mall

By Lynne Halliday, James Hindman, Arlene Hutton and Craig Pospisil

Directed by Sarah Cambpell

November 25th - December 11th, 2022

ONE CHRISTMAS EVE AT EVERGREEN MALL follows eight intertwined stories in a Midwestern mall on the last day of shopping before the holiday. A diverse cast of characters—from a lovesick mall Santa to an overeager mall cop, from a pair of brainy misfit teenagers to a pair of battling actors in a production of A Christmas Carol, from a petulant college freshman to a pair of newlyweds—navigate first meetings, second chances, and last-minute choices. ONE CHRISTMAS EVE wraps the joys and sorrows of the season into one festive package.


  • Isabella Badgley as Jenny
  • Michelle Badgley as Erin, Bellringer, Felicia
  • Liz Burling as Molly, Ellie
  • Greg Knox as Robert
  • Bill Howard as RJ, Terry
  • Brittany Lightfoot as Lacey, Abbie, Linda
  • Sauni Rinehart as Darla, Joellen
  • Donna Shoun as Robin, Sharon, Taylor
  • David Snow as Andy, Matthew
  • Tristan Byrge as Todd
  • Gordon Michaels as Stephen, Gerald