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Red Scare on Sunset

By Charles Busch

Directed by Jim Richardson

June 1st - 17th, 2012

The time: the fifties; the place: Hollywood, where film star Mary Dale finds the Red Menace invading her own Beverly Hills backyard. When she discovers that her husband has been lured into the local Communist party by way of a method acting class and that there is a left wing plot afoot to abolish the star system, Mary wages a private war to save her husband, her country and billing over the title. The McCarthy era is turned on its head in this novel take on a serious subject.


  • Adam Hill as Frank Taggart
  • Amy Dale Reddick as Mary Dale
  • Bill Howard as Ralph Barnes, R.G. Benson
  • Courtney Woolard as Salesgirl, Granny Lou, Old Lady
  • Gary Mullins as Pat Pilford
  • Greg Wytiaz as Malcom
  • Gregg Roberts as Jerry, Bertram Barker
  • Joe Jaynes as Mitchell Drake
  • Rebecca Drone as Marta Towers