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Bell, Book & Candle

By John Van Druten

Directed by Zack Allen

October 16th - November 1st, 2009

This light hearted 50’s comedy is about what happens when a witch in New York makes a lover of a very conventional man and then has to face the consequences when she really falls in love with him. Gillian Holroyd becomes interested in her upstairs neighbor and tenant and hexes him into falling in love with her. Shep Henderson, her quarry, is mystified, delighted and completely unaware that other worldly forces are at work.

Despite the oddness of Gillian’s aunt and brother, themselves an endearingly addled old witch and a fun-loving warlock, Shep is oblivious. He only knows that his life changed when he crossed over Gillian’s threshold. When she realizes that she is falling in love herself, Gillian faces a dilemma: she will lose her considerable powers if she acts on her feelings. Will love prevail?


  • Robby Griffith as Sidney Reditch
  • Ashlee Latimer as Queenie Holroyd
  • Caroline King as Gillian Holroyd
  • Roy De La Rosa as Nicky Holroyd
  • Nicholas Robinson as Shepherd Henderson