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Cabin Fever: A Texas Tragicomedy

By Mark Dunn

Directed by Tiffany Tallent

July 29th - August 14th, 2016

Best described as “Several Horton Foote characters in search of an exit from a Sam Shepard play.” The action of this “Texas tragicomedy” whirls around one disastrous Memorial Day weekend at the Beckle cabin in the Texas hill country. Aubrey, his four daughters, and Great Aunt Tammy gather there for the first time since Mrs. Beckle’s death. Nothing goes right. Aunt Tammy is trapped in the bathroom. Daughter Cesca arrives bearing scars from a new round with her abusive husband. Her sister Pidge, on sudden leave from the group home for the emotionally disturbed where she lives, shows up in Cesca’s car with Cesca’s chloroformed husband locked in the trunk. The Beckles must pull together or the family will self- destruct. When all is said and done, it is the Beckle family’s most alienated member who proves to be the one most invested in her family’s happiness.


  • Crystal Braeuner
  • Daniel Ford
  • Dorothy Giles
  • Christina Perkins
  • Randy Springer
  • Carrie Thompson
  • A.J. Tierney