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The Revolutionists

The Revolutionists is a new play about four very real women who lived boldly in France during the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror. Playwright Olympe De Gouge, assassin Charlotte Corday, former…
Theatre Knoxville
May 29, 2024
2023 - 2024Show

The Foreigner

The Foreigner is a fun, two-act comedy by American playwright Larry Shue. The story takes place in a fishing lodge in rural Tilghman County, Georgia where…
April 29, 2024
2023 - 2024Show


A translation of a French-language play, Art is set in Paris and revolves around a discussion between three friends--Serge, Marc and Yvan. When Serge buys a large…
April 19, 2024
2023 - 2024Show

Cactus Flower

A philandering dentist keeps his many affairs at bay by claiming to be married with children. When the ruse threatens to catch up with him,…
March 8, 2024