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Dial "M" for Murder

By Frederick Knott

Directed by Zack Allen

October 23rd - November 8th, 2015

Tony and Margot Wendice have had a fractious marriage for many years, resulting in Margo’s affair with Max Halliday, an American crime writer. However, when the affair ended and Tony retired from his professional tennis career, the couple reunited and rekindled their love…or have they? In this well-known suspense thriller, Tony pursues the perfect crime. He married Margot for her money and now, after finding out about her affair, he plans to murder her for exactly the same reason. Although he initially thinks about killing her himself, Tony decides to hire an old university acquaintance and cunning criminal, Captain Lesgate, to do the dirty work for him. Despite Tony’s meticulous planning, the attempted murder goes awry and Lesgate is killed, while Margot survives. With a little quick-thinking and a lot of deceit, Tony manipulates Scotland Yard into believing that his wife was being blackmailed by Lesgate and killed him to protect her reputation. However, thanks to the determination of Max Halliday to prove his ex-lover’s innocence and the experience of Inspector Hubbard, Tony soon becomes wrapped up in his own web of lies and his guilt is exposed.


  • Greg Congleton
  • Phoebe Stark
  • David Sliverthorn
  • Michael Golebiewski
  • Kiernan Bensey