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By Neil Simon

Directed by Windie Wilson

June 2nd - 18th, 2017

The town of Kulyenchikov has been cursed with stupidity for the last 200 years. The vendor sells fish instead of flowers, the shepherd is always losing his sheep, and the postman keeps all the mail. Our story begins when Leon Tolschinsky, a school teacher, arrives to educate the daughter of the town doctor, Sophia Zubritsky. Of course, Leon falls in love at first sight with Sophia, even though she just recently learned to sit down. Dr. Zubritsky is hopeful that this teacher will be the one to break the curse… (Or is it purse? Something like that). However, Leon soon finds out that the only way to break the curse is to educate Sophia (which proves to be impossible) or allow her to marry Count Gregor Yousekevitch. Leon vows to do whatever it takes to teach her. But he only has 24 hours to break it before he, too, falls victim to the curse. Chock full of over the top characters and Neil Simon’s hilarious style of comedy, this play will have audiences and actors alike chuckling at the Fools of Kulyenchikov.


  • Sarah Campbell as Mishkin
  • Bill Householder as Snetsky
  • Bill Howard as Gregor Youseskevitch
  • Courtney Woolard as Magistrate
  • Ed White as Dr. Zubritsky
  • Kara Van Veghel as Lenya Zubritsky
  • Katie Campbell as Slovitch
  • Kathryn Wasserlein as Yenchna
  • Dave Snow as Leon Tolchinsky
  • Whitni Rae Resides as Sophia Zubritsky