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Laundry and Bourbon / Lone Star

By James McLure

Directed by Patrick McCray

April 26th - May 12th, 2013

“Laundry and Bourbon” and “Lone Star”, two one-act comedies, offer the audience two sides of the same coin. Through two very different sets of characters, we see the intimate details of life in a small Texas town during a time of unrest and uncertainty in America.

Two years after service in Vietnam, a couple struggles with a husband’s trauma and disillusionment. Their best friends’ struggle with raising a family and longing for their high school glory days. And another couple grapples with status seeking and childlessness. The early 70s was a tense time for these Texans and our country as we all sought to redefine ourselves and find a way forward.

Their unique perspectives and heartfelt monologues reveal the beauty and tragedy of everyday life, not just for them, but for every person. And as the plays unfold we realize that life for these characters and for America at large will never be the same again.


  • Tiffany Tallent as Elizabeth
  • James Francis as Roy
  • Pete Counce as Ray
  • Kali Meister as Hattie
  • Josh Bigwood as Cletis
  • Carolyn Corley as Amy Lee