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Creatures Lurking in the Churchyard

By Don Nigro

Directed by Greg Congleton

October 15th - 31st, 2010

It’s 1901 and Inspector John Ruffing is sitting with his gun beside him. His young wife is dead and there are creatures lurking in the darkness: two small red eyes look at him. He has no beliefs. He loves his daughter desperately, but he is suffering horribly. He tries to decide if suicide is a solution or only another chapter in the hideous demonic nightmare his life has become. Another in the series of Inspector Ruffing plays which includes Ravenscroft, Phantoms, The Rooky Wood, Mephisto and Demonology.


  • Robby Griffith as Inspector Ruffing
  • Tiffany Tallent as Moira
  • Morgan Fitch as Hobb
  • Hannah Huber as Kathleen